Cudos’ mainnet is now live!

Powering Web3 for a decentralised, sustainable, and equitable world.

Welcome to our mainnet

Cudos is building the foundation for a decentralised web. By combining a highly scalable and secure Layer-1 blockchain with a revolutionary solution for decentralised cloud computing, we are working to power the metaverse and make Web3 a reality. Our goal is to create a world where computing is cheap, sustainable, and accessible for all. With the launch of our mainnet, this future is one step closer.

Benefits of our mainnet

The Cudos network provides a powerful and flexible infrastructure for various Web3 and metaverse-related projects, including gaming, NFTs and DApps. Whatever your goals, our network can help you reach them.

Support for developers

Developers are the lifeblood of any blockchain, and we’ve built Cudos from the ground up with their needs in mind. We offer extensive documentation and guidance for developers, alongside a vibrant and active community providing technical support. Whatever you’re building, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Cudos Bridge

The Cudos Bridge is the tool for migrating or “bridging” your holdings between the Ethereum and the Cudos blockchains. Depending on what you want to do with your holdings, you could want them present on either blockchain and this tool allows you to switch them in either direction.

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Become an ambassador

We understand the importance of an engaged community for the growth of our network. That’s why our ambassador programme offers rewards for those who help us build awareness and contribute to the development of the network. As a Cudos Ranger, you could earn up to $2000 in CUDOS monthly. Help us build a decentralised future for the web!

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