CUDOS Bridge

Seamlessly migrate your assets between the Etherum and CUDOS Network.

What is the CUDOS Bridge?

The CUDOS Bridge is the tool for migrating assets between the Ethereum and CUDOS blockchains. Users are free to move them in either direction.

Staking is only available on the CUDOS native blockchain. If you have ERC-20 CUDOS tokens, the bridge will allow you to migrate your assets to the CUDOS network, where you can then stake and earn rewards.

How does CUDOS Bridge Work?

Cudoss Bridge Screenshot
How do I migrate my CUDOS using the CUDOS Bridge?

Simply set your ‘transfer from’ to Ethereum and connect your MetaMask wallet.

To migrate your CUDOS, you will first need to select the direction in which you want to send your CUDOS, either from Ethereum ERC-20 to CUDOS native, or from CUDOS native to Ethereum ERC-20.

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