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Role of CUDOS validators

Validators are the backbone of the Cudos network, by verifying and confirming transactions, and proposing new blocks

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Validator Rewards

  • Staking Rewards for the contribution to the network

  • Commissions from delegated staking

  • Share of transaction fee

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As we have rolled out CUDOS Intercloud, there will be more utilisation of the chain and more rewards available to validators

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Validators receive a cut of CUDOS delegated via their node

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Staking rewards for the contribution to the network

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Discounts on the fees paid

See our list of active Validators

Want to become a validator?

Before you join, each node needs to stake 2,000,000 CUDOS.

To ensure that validator nodes run smoothly, please see our hardware requirements here. You can either contact us on the official discord validator channel or apply to become a validator operator here.

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