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CUDOS is not an investment vehicle, it is the utility for a next generation cloud.


Founded in 2017 by serial tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins, Cudo’s highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists and strategists, are joined by world class advisors including the Ex-President of Sony Playstation, Chris Deering and the Director of Blockchain at AMD, Jörg Roskowetz with the mission to:

‘Make Better Use of the World’s Computing Power.’

Cudo is already generating revenue with users in over 145 countries. This network, comprising of tens of thousands of blockchainers, gamers and service providers, will become early providers to cloud consumers globally. The CUDOS network links the blockchain world to the extensive Cudo platform through a smart contract governed layer 2 oracle, reducing the cost and increasing the performance for DeFi and other popular blockchain use cases.

Value Proposition

Blockchain / DeFi
Layer 2 Oracle
Global off-chain network
CUDOS is a decentralised compute network providing a trusted layer 2 oracle network for blockchains and scalable cloud resources.

The Applications of Compute

Cloud computing already uses around 20 million servers, and this number is rapidly increasing. By adding to the network the billions of electronic devices that are spread around the world, distributed computing is the bridge to the mass-adoption of this revolutionary technology.

Use cases include:
Layer 2 oracle
Scientific research
Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Video Rendering

CUDOS Network

Hardware encrypted validator network
Integrated smart contracts for blockchains
Layer 2 oracle compute network

CUDOS Validators

  • BUY or RUN an approved CUDOS validator server
  • STAKE 2 million CUDOS and stake for compute workloads
  • EARN up to 30% staking reward per annum + passive income from blockchain & compute jobs
Strategic Backers

Benefits of Decentralisation

Become a CUDOS citizen and be part of the next web3 era. Provide your opinion on updates and changes to the network.
Vote on proposals to apply changes to the network and grants for projects to be built on CUDOS.
Support the network by staking tokens or become a validator and receive rewards for your contribution.
Store your CUDOS assets on the network or with the many wallet partners.
Supporting multiple chains including Ethereum, Polkadot and many more in the future.
Build your own dapps and integrate smart contracts on the decentralised CUDOS Web3 network.


"The pace and progress of Cudo is incredible and we are impressed by Cudo's team and model. As a cloud operator providing HPC services we were pleased to deploy a large new infrastructure investment in support of load from the Cudo compute environment. As part of this we rapidly deployed Cudo customised software and have found the development and support team to be knowledgeable and responsive."
Andy Long, Strategy Advisor Hydro66
"With the upcoming launch of Ultra, we selected Cudo as our technology partner for our distributed computing application, integrated into our gaming platform, it provides gamers Worldwide with a way to earn additional UOS that can be redeemed and used within the Ultra ecosystem, for purchasing games, virtual items, gaming hardware, ... Cudo understood from day 1, that adding further value to our network of gamers is intrinsically important to Ultra's success and they have always led development with that in mind..."
Nicolas Gilot, CEO Ultra
“We immediately saw the value Cudo’s platform would bring to our network of investors, eager to find new and innovative ways of generating revenue. Cudo has positioned themselves to disrupt the status quo, at the same time as connecting traditional and blockchain consumers through a single, scalable and distributed platform…”
Chris Starkey, Co-Founder NexGen Cloud

Today there are…

100s of Millions of servers

Over 2 billion PCs

100’s of millions of games consoles

2.7 billion smartphones

There’s over $1 trillion spent annually on IT hardware.
Yet up to 50% of the time this infrastructure is sat there either idle or turned off.

Consumers winning

Up to 10x savings compared to other cloud platforms

Hardware owners winning

Instantly earn from your hardware

Environment wins

Better use of underutilised hardware


A greener, more cost efficient Scalable Compute Network.

CUDOS is a layer 2 oracle network, governed by smart contracts, connecting blockchain developers and services including DeFi, to a global footprint of computing power on the Cudo platform. Cudo is a distributed computing platform already providing customers around the World with up to 10x more cost effective computing, whilst also providing more equity for hardware owners.

Over 20,000 Nodes
Over 140,000 Users
> 500,000 TFLOPS of computing power
Live in 145+ Countries

Roadmap & Key Milestones

2017- Founded
Built team & development began
Q1 2019 - 100% Monetisation
Launched Beta Platform, 100% monetisation platform to incentivise early validators and retain network capacity
Q4 2019 - AMD
Chosen as Technology Partner to build secure distributed computing with AMD
Q1 2020 - Management Platform
Mining Farm Management platform live, enables scalable compute for mining farms and secures supply.
Q1 2020 – 100,000 Users
We reached the 100k user milestone!
Q3 2020 – Compute Buyers
Signed up large compute suppliers and buyers, providing Tbps global backbone capacity and 1,000’s of servers.
Q4 2020 - Partner Launch
First major partner launch Globally using whitelabel version of software
Q1 2021 - CUDOS Proof of Stake launch
Launch staking platform for staking rewards and bonuses
Q2 2021 - Compute Validation + Testnet
Enable Compute on Validation nodes
Q2 2021 - Hardware Encryption
Enable Hardware Encryption on workloads with AMD
Q3 2021 - Ethereum/ Algorand
Provide Layer 2 Compute Oracle to Ethereum or Algorand
Q4 2021 - Marketplace
Enable Developers to select pre built workloads from marketplace

Core Team

Matt Hawkins
CEO & Founder
Andrew Sturmey
Pete Willis
Development Manager
Dr Joan Garcia I Tormo
Data Scientist
Richard Poole
Lead Developer / Architect
Dexter Edwards
Lead Software Engineer
Andrew Walker


Key Advisors

Jorg Roskowetz
Director of Blockchain for AMD
Chris Deering
Former President and CEO of Sony Entertainment Europe ‘father of the Playstation’
Maggie Fang
Early major investor in Alibaba and Uber.
Sean Li
Creator of Kitematic, Fortmatic and key part of early Docker team following acquisition
Malcolm Tuck
Managing Director at ESET UK, IT Security Expert
Chris Gale
Co Founder at, a Founder of an early rich media mobile ad platform which sold to Phunware Inc.
Craig Fletcher
Venture Partner at Ascension Ventures, Gamer & Tech Evangelist, Founder of Multiplay & Insomnia Gaming Festival.



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