Cloud Infrastructure For Web3

Experience unparalleled virtual machine deployment with CUDOS Intercloud

A fusion of cloud computing and blockchain technology, meticulously designed for pioneers in AI, the Metaverse, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Web3 domains

Deploy Virtual Machines

Effortlessly spin up cloud infrastructure utilising a globally distributed pool of resources.

Space Launch

Write Smart Contracts

Build secure and high-performing contracts using Rust, compiled to CosmWasm, and deployed on the native blockchain.


Stake Cudos

Contribute to securing the network by participating in staking and governance on the Cosmos SDK blockchain.

Build Value

Renting scalable computing infrastructure for powering your dApps should be easy, cost-effective, secure, and permissionless.

CUDOS Intercloud facilitates this by allowing you to connect your digital wallet and spin up virtual machines from a distributed pool of suppliers, located worldwide.



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Deploy VMs and Smart Contracts

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Not ready for Web3?

Visit our Web2 distributed cloud platform.

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