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Our preferred partner program

If you are building on our blockchain, we’d like to invite you to join our preferred partner programme to accelerate your development. You can use our extended network to collaborate with knowledgeable consulting firms, developer firms, system integrators, and implementation partners.

If you want to become a preferred partner, get in touch now.

    Foundation and grants

    If you have an idea of how to improve the CUDOS network or want to develop an application for it, we want to hear from you. We will review all research proposals, including DeFi and network improvements among others, and pick yours to receive funding if it stands out.

    Learn more about our foundation and grants.



    Do you want to help us revolutionize the computing industry? If yes, then join our exclusive Cudos Rangers Program, pick your squad, complete tasks, and earn CUDOS!

    Become a CUDOS Ranger

    CUDOS is not an investment vehicle, it is the utility for a next-generation cloud.

    Here is what we’re working on…

    2021 Q1

    • UDOS ERC-20 Token Live
    • Token Listings
    • Exchange Staking
    • ALGO integration in Cudo Applications
    • 250,000 Users Signed Up to Cudo
    • 50,000 Active nodes in 145 countries on Cudo Network
    • First 30 Validators signed up on Cudos Network

    2021 Q2

    • Cudos Private Testnet – “Cognitum”
    • 350,000 Users Signed Up to Cudo
    • Cudos First Testnet Validators live
    • Carbon Neutral Blockchain
    • Blockchain & Validator Explorer
    • Wallet Integrations
    • NFT Support

    2021 Q3

    • Cudos On-chain staking **EARLY Q3**
    • Cudos Incentivised Public Testnet – “Somniorum”
    • Cudos payouts to all Cudo / Cudominer users
    • Ethereum Bridge & Cosmos IBC Bridge
    • Turing Complete Smart Contract, initially with Rust support
    • Community Governance Proposals
    • Hardware Encryption Support
    • Testnet Support for Compute Workloads
    • Launch Cudos Grants Program
    • Launch 1st Cudos Hackathon
    • Cudos Mainnet V1 with BFT Consensus – “Ingenii”
    • Cudos SDK

    2021 Q4

    • ERC-20 to Cudos native token migration begins
    • Cudos Mainnet V2 (Scalable Compute)
    • Algorand Bridge
    • Polkadot Bridge
    • V1 Data Oracle
    • V1 Compute Oracle
    • Launch 2nd Cudos Hackathon