Role of Cudos’ Validators:

Validators are the backbone of the Cudos network, by verifying
d confirming transactions and proposing new blocks

Validator Rewards:

– Staking Rewards for the contribution to the network

– Commissions from delegated staking

– Transaction fee shares

Interested in Becoming a Validator?

Before you join, each node needs to stake 2,000,000 CUDOS. To ensure that validator nodes run smoothly please see our hardware requirements here.  You can either contact us on the official discord validator channel on the CUDOS server or apply to become a validator operator below.

As we roll out compute products there will be more utilisation of the chain and more rewards available to validators

Validators receive a cut of CUDOS delegated via their node

Staking rewards for the contribution to the network

Discounts on the fees paid

Importantly, you can run a Full, Seed or Sentry node on our network

See our list of active Validators

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Want to become a validator?

How to stake

Get rewards distributed to you each block if you have a stake and claim anytime by submitting a transaction.

Simply register through our wallet to stake your CUDOS tokens on-chain and start earning rewards immediately as a Delegator. You can choose which Validator to use for staking but keep in mind that their fees may vary.

Stake as a Delegator

Apply now to become a Validator. But remember, you’ll need to be able or willing to meet our minimum requirements. If successful, however, others will be able to stake through you and increase your earnings.

Stake as a Validator