Cudos Validator Nodes (CVNs)

CVNs are the backbone of the CUDOS network. Initially, we’ll support a maximum of 100 service providers, with a maximum of 1,000 CVNs. Each node needs to stake 2,000,000 CUDOS to become a CVN. The first batch of validators has hardware boxes approved by Cudo. This ensures that the specs allow all the intended work to run smoothly and get rewarded. The work and rewards include:

24x7 revenue provided from the layer 3 cloud side

Revenue from completed blockchain compute jobs through the CUDOS network

Staking rewards for the contribution to the network

Discounts on the fees paid

Importantly, you can run a Full, Seed or Sentry node on our network

How to run a Validator node

For one or more validator nodes, launch a layer of sentry nodes (at least 1 Sentry node) and optionally Seed nodes with isolating the validator node behind that layer.

You need an IP address per node directly connected to the network. For example, if you have N validator nodes and only one Sentry node, only the Sentry node is directly connected to the network. In this case, you will need a single IP address. Learn how to install a node.

Mainnet Validators

Once we deploy our mainnet, we’ll migrate Validators (and stakers) staked in Ethereum to full PoS staking in the network. We’ll convert balances to the native CUDOS token, and you’ll begin processing blocks for the network. At this point, you’ll need to be running Cudos nodes with appropriate hardware to maintain the network and validate transactions.

Active validators

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Want to become a validator?

How do you benefit from staking?

The network’s health depends on your help as a Validator or staker. You help us identify dangerous or harmful behaviours early. To say thank you, we give you standard and one-off additional rewards:

You earn staking rewards for your crypto-economic contributions to the network over time.

You earn a commission on the stake delegated through you (if you are a Validator) from any users who do not run infrastructure for the network but want to support it.

You can earn through delegated staking even if you are not a Validator.

You earn gas fees.

How to stake

Get rewards distributed to you each block if you have a stake and claim anytime by submitting a transaction.

Simply register through our wallet to stake your CUDOS tokens on-chain and start earning rewards immediately as a Delegator. You can choose which Validator to use for staking but keep in mind that their fees may vary.

Stake as a Delegator

Apply now to become a Validator. But remember, you’ll need to be able or willing to meet our minimum requirements. If successful, however, others will be able to stake through you and increase your earnings.

Stake as a Validator