What is Keplr?

Keplr is an open-source webapp, mobile application and browser extension wallet that supports the Cosmos interchain ecosystem. It provides functionalities for account and wallet management for all Cosmos-based blockchains. Keplr is the first supported wallet for the Cudos network, with native integration coming soon.

The Keplr extension is supported only on Chromium-based browsers. You can’t, however, use the Keplr extension from your mobile. Also, please note that anyone with your mnemonic seed can take your assets. You can’t recover any lost mnemonic seed, so to keep it safe, we recommend you write it down and store it somewhere safe because if you lose this seed phrase your wallet could be at risk, and you may not be able to gain access to your funds.

Installing Keplr

Use Keplr extension to create a wallet:

  1. Install the Keplr extension
  2. Click on the installed Keplr extension that will prompt the following page in your browser:

  1. Either Create a new account or Import an existing account with the mnemonic phrase that you got from the previous step of creating an account. The wallet is currently not fully connected to the Cudos network, so you’ll have to follow the extra step below.

Link Keplr to the Cudos network

  1. Go to the Cudos Dashboard to link the Keplr extension to the Cudos network
  2. Click the “Connect to Keplr Wallet” button in the middle of the screen (used for login):


3. A pop-out window will ask you for permission to add a new network to Keplr and also give access – it will look like this:

4. After you approve both screens, you need to open the extension and click on the network name at the top (the default is Cosmos Hub). From there, a menu with all the networks will open, scroll down and select CudosNetwork. After that, Keplr will visualise the correct information about your account. The address displayed will be your CUDOS native wallet address.


Once you have set up and linked your Keplr wallet to the Cudos network, you can now perform token interactions on the Cudos network, including staking to earn rewards and getting involved in shaping our network’s future by participating in network governance, voting on active proposals and deploying smart contracts.


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