AscendEX will officially become a Cudos validator, providing high-yielding staking rewards to their global community of institutional and retail investors.

As the primary listing exchange for the CUDOS token launch in Jan 2021, AscendEX will officially become the first cryptocurrency exchange to run a Cudos validator node. Initially offering CUDOS token holders with a pre-staking service, AscendEX already has a high amount of CUDOS tokens that will seamlessly move across to the full Cudos staking program.

“As a global trading platform, we found it’s especially important to re-engage our users so we can incentivize them to do more than trade on AscendEX,” said Shane Molidor, Global Head of Business Development at AscendEX. “The Cudos team provides a powerful incentive solution with its trusted, multi-chain computing network. By staking Cudos, AscendEX users will be able to earn rewards, which simultaneously supports the Cudos network, by interacting with its underlying protocol.”

As a Cudos validator, AscendEX community of institutional and retail investors will be able to delegate their CUDOS tokens to staking on AscendEX’s node, receiving staking rewards of up to to 100% APR, along with staking bonuses and a share of the Cudos network transaction fees.

“The team at AscendEX showed great faith in our project from the very first engagement, and immediately demonstrated why new tokens excel when launching with AscendEX. The expertise within their team, led by Shane Molidor, is second to none. They fully support the projects they list, providing expert advice and aftercare. It’s for these reasons, that we trust AscendEX to become a key validator on the Cudos network.” — Andrew Sturmey, CTO of Cudo.

About AscendEX

Originally founded in 2018 as, AscendEx is a leading crypto and digital asset exchange catering to both professional and retail traders. Our venue offers spot, futures and margin trading, incorporates key elements from the DeFi space to foster a unique market structure for users. AscendEx is led by a team of Wall Street veterans, who have applied traditional market rigor to create a secure, safe, and reliable experience for all participants; and a reliable source of liquidity for primary offerings.

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About Cudos

Cudo is bridging the gap between Cloud and Blockchain, by using the world’s available computing to power a more decentralized, sustainable and connected world.

Cudos is being designed as a cross-chain, decentralized compute network, with CUDOS as the utility & infrastructure token designed to empower Web 3.0 operations on the network. The Cudos network will enable anyone to sell or consume excess computational resources, either via blockchain/smart contract or through more traditional cloud computing API’s.

In essence, what this means is Cudos will be one of the few networks which can power other blockchains and scale to the demands of cloud computing required today.

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