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SAPPHIRE Technology and Cudo Team Up to Deliver Ready-to-Mine INCA Series GPU Mining Solutions

January 14, 2021

  SAPPHIRE Technology and Cudo are pleased to announce a partnership that will see the SAPPHIRE INCA EP-10 GPU Mining Solution delivered pre-loaded with Cudo’s feature-rich, easy-to-use mining software. This will enable crypto-mining farms to deploy a plug-and-play mining solution with ease and scale. ‘Easy-to-use’, ‘all-in-one’, and ‘ready-to-mine’: These are just some of the expressions […]

BlockVenture Coalition Officially Joins the CUDOS Validator Network

January 5, 2021

Cudo is proud to officially welcome the BlockVenture Coalition to the CUDOS Validator Network as a Validator to the Decentralised Cloud Network. US-based BlockVenture Coalition (BVC), an alliance of blockchain VCs and university blockchain groups, are now confirmed as an operator on the CUDOS Validator Network (CVN). Founded by Philip Forte and Tyler Wellener in […]

CME Group To Launch Ethereum Futures

December 17, 2020

The CME Group has announced that they will be listing an Ethereum (ETH) futures product next year – another huge step for crypto adoption. CME Group legitimised crypto derivatives in the eyes of traditional investors when they launched their Bitcoin futures contract at the height of the 2017 bull run. Just as Bitcoin topped $20,000, […]

Panel Discussion Featuring Blockchain Leaders from AMD, Algorand Binance, Ultra and Cudo

December 11, 2020

Reserve your place here: Blockchain – Beyond DeFi – Crowdcast Outlier Ventures & CUDOS Present With special guests from AMD, Algorand, Binance,  and Ultra A panel discussion exploring Blockchain use cases beyond DeFi, featuring leaders in the field of blockchain Blockchain adoption is scaling fast as the world realises the value of decentralisation. Decentralised finance in […]

Cudo Partners with Blendergrid to Offer Lower Cost Infrastructure for the Blender Render Community

December 11, 2020

Efficiency, Affordability and Availability. How can we save time, save costs, and serve a global audience?  These questions are asked by many SaaS businesses looking to carve out a consumer market share in their specialist field. 3D animation is no different and Blendergrid, a Dutch company offering 3D studios and animators around the World, are […]

Cudo and Gather Announce Partnership to Achieve Greater Cloud Infrastructure Scalability

November 26, 2020

Gather and Cudo are extremely excited to announce a new business partnership to strengthen their ecosystems. Cudo designs and develops software that provides access to disruptive new technologies to monetise end-user hardware. With a distributed computing network for consumers of cloud services, it connects buyers of cloud services with suppliers, who can monetise their idle computing […]

Cudos Community Contest

November 25, 2020

We are excited to announce the Cudos Community Competition! As we ramp up to our launch, for one month we will be introducing to you a series of interesting and challenging tasks. Show your dedication, creativity, and win up to $14,000 USD worth of CUDOS! We’ve divided the contest into 2 Parts: Social Media Block (Starts […]

CUDOS-Kings Partnership Promises Distributed HPC and Democratized Scientific Computing

November 25, 2020

We hear it all the time. Cloud is exploding in growth as the internet becomes evermore intertwined in our lives. We share pictures, videos, stories, information, research, knowledge. In computing terms though, we share just one thing…. Data. We live in an interconnected world where data is the new oil and the infrastructure that powers […]

How Blockchain Can Help SMBs Compete with Larger Companies

November 25, 2020

In recent years data has become a hot topic in the tech space, large corporations have fallen underneath the hammer of governments worldwide for not handling user data correctly. Amidst the enquiries, one thing became very apparent, data plays a key role in the success of businesses in the information age. Marketing analytics data has […]

The 2020 US Elections and The Crypto Market

November 25, 2020

All eyes are currently on the 2020 US election, and at the time of writing (4th November 2020) , both candidates are quite evenly matched. Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are currently holding steady, but many believe that the crypto market is consolidating in preparation for a potential increase in market volatility. […]