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Exeedme Puts Its Users First With Help From Cudos 🚀

April 12, 2021

‘More power to the end user’, Exeedme announces Currently, only 1% of gamers have access to lucrative earning potential but no more. With the help of Cudos, ExceedMe allows gamers to earn as they do what they love. Gamers can bet their earnings with fellow online players, play securely, and put the ‘control’ back in […]

Double Peak Joins Cudos as Network Validator 🚀

April 9, 2021

Double Peak Capital, joins the Cudos validator network, further expanding the globally decentralized network and securing a key strategic region in Asia. Strategically located in Hong Kong, Double Peak Capital specialize in spotting up-and-coming blockchain projects that clearly demonstrate a long-term value proposition. By investing into infrastructure to support the Cudos network, Double Peak Capital […]

Outlier Ventures Joins Cudos as Network Validator🥳

April 8, 2021

  Lead advisor to, and investor in Cudos, Outlier Ventures (OV) joins the Cudos validator network as the latest big name token fund to form part of the Cudos layer 2 service. “We began working with Cudos back in 2019, impressed by their team, traction and fit with our belief in a new distributed internet […]

Virtual Hive joins Cudos as Staking Validator🎉

April 8, 2021

Staking-as-a-Service provider and cutting-edge blockchain technology supporter Virtual Hive, announce their status as validator for the Cudos network. German-based validator operator Virtual Hive, is the latest company to announce their status as a CUDOS validator. Providing a central European location is key to Cudos’s strategy of globally positioned validator nodes. With over 10 years experience […]

BlockVenture Coalition Joins Cudos as Network Validator 🥳

April 6, 2021

Cudos is proud to officially welcome the BlockVenture Coalition to the Cudos Validator Network as a Validator to our upcoming Decentralized Cloud Network. US-based BlockVenture Coalition (BVC), an alliance of blockchain VCs and university blockchain groups, are now confirmed as an operator on the CUDOS Validator Network (CVN). Founded by Philip Forte and Tyler Wellener […]

Coinscrum Joins Cudos as Network Validator🎉

April 1, 2021

A new & exciting partnership unites Coinscrum and Cudos Major crypto news outlet and staking-as-a-service provider Coinscrum, will become the latest company to announce themselves as a Cudos validator, providing the Cudos validator network with an Australia-based validator node.   “We’re excited to support the CUDOS project and build the future of decentralized cloud computing […]

AscendEX Joins Cudos as Staking Validator

March 31, 2021

AscendEX will officially become a Cudos validator, providing high-yielding staking rewards to their global community of institutional and retail investors. As the primary listing exchange for the CUDOS token launch in Jan 2021, AscendEX will officially become the first cryptocurrency exchange to run a Cudos validator node. Initially offering CUDOS token holders with a pre-staking […]

Blocksync Joins Cudos as Network Validator

March 30, 2021

Arms officially link between Cudos and Jasper Byun’s Blocksync Ventures as globally distributed Blocksync Ventures will become the latest VC partner to join the Cudos network as a validator. Focused on finding, supporting and nurturing decentralized innovation, Blocksync Ventures, led by Australian founder Jasper Byun, will become the latest VC partner to join the Cudos […]

Moonrock Capital Joins Cudos as Network Provider

March 29, 2021

Cudo celebrates an exciting future, shoulder to shoulder, with Moonrock Capital United Kingdom — 29th March 2021. Moonrock Capital will be joining the Cudos validator network, further supporting the ecosystem, and providing delegated staking services to their network of crypto investors. Moonrock Capital is the latest big name to join the Cudos validator network. As highly active […]

Cudo is world’s first mining software to pay out in Algo — A non-mineable token!

March 29, 2021

We’re proud to reveal that ALGO has now been introduced as a payout token on the Cudo platform! 🥳 Optioning ALGO as a payout token is now available to anyone running compute to earn Algo using Cudo software. You will now be able to mine on any of the mineable blockchains via the Cudo platform […]