What is CUDOS?

CUDOS is our network’s lifeblood and is the native currency of the Cudos network, based on the Cosmos Ecosystem. CUDOS can be found on, the Cudos native blockchain and on the Ethereum network as ERC-20 CUDOS.

If you already have ERC-20 CUDOS and wish to stake It can be converted to the native chain via the CUDOS Bridge. In order to complete the migration you will need to set up a Keplr wallet to hold your native CUDOS.

What can CUDOS be used for?:

Delegate to a validator to earn rewards and further secure the network

Become a Validator, secure the network and earn rewards

Deploy smart contracts via the Cudos Network

Vote on governance proposals

Where can I get CUDOS?

There are multiple ways to get native CUDOS*:

  • You can purchase native CUDOS directly from AscendEX. It is important to note that the CEX still has custody over your CUDOS until you transfer it to a hot or cold wallet.
  • Connecting your wallet to the DEX, you could exchange your assets for CUDOS. You can currently exchange different currencies for CUDOS via Osmosis.
  • Wallet Swap: Some wallets can give you the possibility of swapping assets without connecting to a DEX.

For any wrapped or ERC-20 CUDOS you can purchase them via multiple exchanges listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap

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