Hello everyone,

We’ve just returned from Cosmoverse 2023 and can’t stress enough how distinct this event felt compared to others in the blockchain space. If you’ve ever questioned where the heart of blockchain innovation beats strongest, the answer might be simpler than you think: it lies with the builders, not just the venture capitalists.

The Builder’s Sanctuary

Cosmoverse served as a refreshing reminder that the real core of any tech ecosystem lies with its builders. The majority of attendees were there to dig deep into code, share scalable and interoperable network visions, and, most importantly, build. The scarcity of VCs was noticeable and, honestly, that’s a healthy sign for the Cosmos ecosystem. It signifies a focus on long-term, substantive progress over quick financial gains.

User Experience Takes Center Stage

User experience and vertical integration were the event’s buzzwords. We’ve reached a point where raw technological prowess isn’t enough; the aim now is to package this tech into genuinely useful and accessible experiences. Companies and projects, like Osmosis with their updates and Calypso, are focusing on creating seamless experiences across blockchain protocols and interfaces.

Promising Projects on the Horizon

As for upcoming projects and technologies, the future looks promising, albeit not without risks. Squid Router, Skip, and TFM aim to make transactions more seamless. Agoric stands out as a pipeline for onboarding Web2 Javascript devs into Web3. Metamask Snaps is particularly intriguing; it opens up a new frontier by allowing blockchains beyond Ethereum to integrate with the most popular web3 wallet.

A Roadmap to the Future

A major highlight of Cosmoverse was the clarity provided by companies stewarding the core components of the Cosmos ecosystem. The roadmap for the next few years not only exists but is also starting to feel robust, well-rounded, and actionable. This centralised clarity is precisely what the Cosmos ecosystem has been yearning for.

The Mood is Electric

Lastly, let’s talk atmosphere. The general mood was less about fanfare and more about getting down to business. Attendees were there to work hard, share knowledge, and lay the groundwork for what could be a new era in the interchain world.

Special mention goes to the side events, particularly the “Bad Night in Istanbul”, hosted by the bad kids NFT project and Stargaze, which added extra flair to an already impressive week.

In conclusion, Cosmoverse 2023 wasn’t just another blockchain conference; it offered a glimpse into what the future of blockchain could be when the right minds come together with focus and purpose.