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CUDOS Staking — Figures & Stats

March 16, 2021

If you’ve been following our project closely over the past few months, you’re probably aware that staking is a very important area of focus for us. Staking is a mechanism we’ve introduced not only to provide token holders with another avenue towards making the most of their tokens, but also to promote a more stable […]

CUDOS Token: Circulating Supply & Release Schedule Explained

February 23, 2021

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of questions relating to circulating supply and our token release schedule. As a new pre-testnet project, this is to be expected, where the main activity for the token is currently trading. However, that is only temporary, with the first major launch for the CUDOS network […]

CUDOS Staking Bonuses Explained

February 23, 2021

On January 12th, the launch day for the CUDOS token, we released our first blog to introduce the CUDOS token rewards and bonus scheme for staking your tokens. We have since received a number of questions from our community asking us to provide better examples of earning potential, based on the bonus reward options available: 3 months […]

The 10 Billion CUDOS Question

February 23, 2021

We’d like to share more of the reasoning behind choosing specifically 10 billion CUDOS as the total token supply for the network and how that compares to other cryptocurrencies. There are a myriad of considerations to make for any project launching their own token including; total supply, release schedules, allocation pots for R&D, marketing and […]

CUDOS Token — Our Tokenomics Simplified

February 23, 2021

In the last few months, we’ve been ramping up our marketing efforts and spreading the message about our project. The response has been fantastic. We recently hit 14,000 followers on Twitter and our telegram community is close to 17,000 members! With such an active community you can imagine we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the tokenomics of […]

How Blockchain Can Help SMBs Compete with Larger Companies

November 25, 2020

In recent years data has become a hot topic in the tech space, large corporations have fallen underneath the hammer of governments worldwide for not handling user data correctly. Amidst the enquiries, one thing became very apparent, data plays a key role in the success of businesses in the information age. Marketing analytics data has […]

How the Sharing Economy is Impacting people’s lives

November 25, 2020

The sharing economy is projected to grow to $335 billion in 2025, with technology enabling the sweeping changes that collaborative consumption will bring with it. But how is the sharing economy going to impact people, business and environment? Underutilised assets such as hardware, homes and cars are abundantly available — but why would people and […]

How CUDOS is dealing with the Blockchain Trilemma

November 25, 2020

You may have heard the phrase “Blockchain Trilemma” being thrown around in the community but it’s meaning isn’t exactly obvious at first glance. So let’s break it down! What is the Blockchain Trilemma? Scalability, Security, Decentralization, the three golden points in the trilemma. If any one of these points is missing from a blockchain project, […]

What is DeFi, and how does the CUDOS network fit in?

November 25, 2020

Decentralised Finance (or DeFi) is one of the hottest areas in the cryptoverse at the moment. DeFi (AKA Open Finance) refers to financial services using digital assets and smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps); usually built on Ethereum. Smart contracts are essential to DeFi as they enable us to trade anything of value digitally […]

86% of Gen Z’s are willing to rent out their hardware to help the Environment

November 25, 2020

It’s no secret that we’re pushing our planet to the limit; with an ocean heaving with plastic, overflowing landfills and severe pollution in our biggest cities, a movement to improve on the pollution we can see has already begun. However; what about the carbon emissions we can’t see? Data Centers are currently consuming roughly 3% […]