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French government pushes for one agency to regulate crypto across the EU

July 20, 2021

The French government has pushed for an agency to regulate cryptocurrencies across the entire European Union. The proposal would result in uniform regulations for digital currency across the EU. The French government has proposed that the European Securities and Market Authority (SEMA) should regulate all digital currencies and their activity. This, in turn, would establish […]

Cudos Staking: Changes to APR

July 16, 2021

Understandably there is a lot of talk about the changes to the APR on our staking platform, so here are some points that will help to clear things up. Staking for new projects can often start very high in the initial months, but quickly scales down on a sloping curve, eventually to around 3–7% Cudos […]

Australia Makes Leap Forwards 🌏

July 14, 2021

Australians will soon be able to spend crypto via existing brick-and-mortar point-of-sales with the issuance of a new physical debit card, the Australian Financial Review reported Wednesday. Global payments giant Visa has approved local Australian startup CryptoSpend to begin issuing debit cards for the startup’s users. Those using the CryptoSpend app can then pay using […]

Ethereum 2.0

July 13, 2021

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is expecting some large updates to its network — Ethereum 2.0. The majority of Ethereum 2.0’s updates are primed to better the platform’s scalability and security. For Ethereum holders, they don’t need to do anything. For developers or those who wish to start staking, there are […]

Zero Knowledge Proof Explained

July 12, 2021

Thanks to the growth of the industry, there’s a vast spectrum of protocols on the blockchain network, each of which has to interact with one another through various blockchain bridges. Many of them are noteworthy protocols that have beneficial functionality on the blockchain network: zero-proof protocols are one such case. Zero-knowledge proof or protocol is […]

What Is Staking?🥩

July 6, 2021


What is Bridging on Blockchain?⛓️

July 6, 2021


Cudos labs: Private Testnet Updates🔧 (30.06.2021)

July 6, 2021

Here at Cudos HQ we’ve been working extremely hard with our Private Testnet which is now live. In our last update, we took more steps forward with our first development phase “Cognitum” and since then we’ve made even more progress. Check out the progress we’ve made in the last 2 weeks and where the focus will be […]

Korea’s First Bank Joins Messaging Giant Kakao’s Blockchain Governance Council🚀

July 6, 2021

                                                                                              Shinhan joins a number of existing council members […]

NFT’s: All Talk And No Trousers?👖

July 6, 2021

NFTs; Non-fungible tokens. What exactly are they? Well, put simply they are not able to be replaced with anything else. One Bitcoin token can be replaced with another. One pound Sterling can be replaced with another. But one NFT cannot be replaced with another, remaining entirely unique to one another. NFTs are essentially anything digital. […]