Today we’re closing phase one, Apollo, of our incentivised testnet – Project Artemis. We are grateful to all of you who contributed with your time, feedback, and computing resources either as Validators or Developers. Thanks to your help we learnt a lot of new things and improved our network!


At the end of September, we launched the first phase of our incentivised testnet, Project Artemis. This first Apollo phase focused on starter tasks for onboarding Validators and users, including account creation, hardware provisioning, node syncing, and the CUDOS faucet. 

In our previous update, we discussed the bonus tasks we’ve added, thanked you for your feedback, and invited you to make the most of the final week of the first phase.


What’s happening now?

We were thrilled to have more than 1,300 tasks completed, which gave us many actionable insights for improving our network further. These ranged in complexity, from joining social media channels and posting to setting up a validator node.


Over the coming weeks, we’ll review and analyse all the responses and start distributing rewards for validators. When it comes to developers, we’ll announce the winners after we’ve gone through the responses and will be distributing your rewards at the launch of our mainnet. 


Thanks for your help!

We’re grateful for all your support and help so far. With your feedback, we made many improvements to our documentation and fixed some bugs on the network. Your help made it possible to get this far – huge thank you!

Stay tuned for updates on when we plan to launch phase two – Buzz!

P.S. If you’ve already bought your CUDOS tokens, you can make the most of them by staking them on our platform and, in return, receiving rewards. 


About Cudos

The Cudos Network is a layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 computation and oracle network designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale and enable scaling of computing resources to 100,000’s of nodes. Once bridged onto Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot, and Cosmos, Cudos will enable scalable compute and Layer 2 Oracles on all of the bridged blockchains.


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