The decentralised cloud computing network Cudos has announced a new partnership with PlayTheCrowd, a global Web3 firm pioneering narrative-driven metaverse experiences.

This exciting partnership will integrate PlayTheCrowd’s immersive omniverse and storytelling capabilities with the Cudos network’s secure and stable blockchain infrastructure and forthcoming distributed cloud platform, forging a sustainable and connected Web3 landscape.

Through their joint efforts, Cudos and PlayTheCrowd will provide a way for metaverse users to efficiently sell and exchange virtual assets and explore engaging forms of digital storytelling. Additionally, thanks to the Cudos’s native NFT minting capabilities, users and creators will be able to mint 3D items at any time, ready to trade.

“The entire Cudos team is thrilled to be working alongside PlayTheCrowd, blending our expertise with their intricately designed digital worlds that support quick and safe trading between players,” said the Vice President of Partnerships at Cudos, Nuno Periera. He continued: “This is an important and exciting step towards bringing Web3 into the mainstream.”

Creating a Storytelling Experience in the Metaverse

PlayTheCrowd is revolutionising the way people interact with audiences in virtual worlds. Their flagship software PLOTabl provides developers with the tools needed to transform metaverse environments in real-time to create highly personalised experiences. PLOTabl’s AI storytelling technology creates fresh, new narratives for users – narratives that Cudo Compute’s soon-to-launch cloud platform will power.

Cudos’ powerful blockchain technology also opens an avenue for PlayTheCrowd users to create and mint custom NFTs. PlayTheCrowd is striving to build an integrated omniverse linking together a range of distinct metaverse experiences. The security, scalability and interoperability provided by the Cudos network will help ensure digital assets are easily and safely transferable.

As PlayTheCrowd’s creative director Jerrund Wilkerson II remarks: “We’re excited to announce our partnership with Cudos. By partnering with them, we can deploy our products and solutions over their robust infrastructure and have peace of mind in their performance and security.”

The global demand for commercial assets in the metaverse has proliferated in recent years, with annual spending on virtual goods reaching $54 billion this year.

With the metaverse comes a new take on communicating with an audience – one that’s more immersive and unique. Two-thirds of consumers said they were likelier to remember an experience that used innovative technology, such as storytelling in a digital world.

Cudos’ growing ecosystem

The partnership is the latest in a long line of strategic collaborations. In March this year, Cudos joined forces with Dream VR, which will be utilising Cudos’ powerful blockchain technology to build its metaverse.

Following Cudos’ collaborations with and NOWPayments, CUDOS token holders can spend them on Amazon and eBay across 11 markets and have access to 50% of Shopify and WooCommerce’s global e-commerce market.

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