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NexGen Cloud Joins Cudos as a Network Validator

March 26, 2021

NexGen deepens their partnership with Cudo by becoming a Cudos network validator United Kingdom – March 26th 2021. Infrastructure as a service provider NexGen Cloud, will be joining the Cudos network as a validator, offering a secure staking node for their private network of infrastructure clients.¬†Rapidly scaling, decentralised IaaS provider NexGen Cloud, has been a […]

CUDOS Fixed Staking is Now Live on Kucoinūü•≥

March 22, 2021

Together with¬†KuCoin¬†via¬†Pool-X¬†we are launching CUDOS Fixed Staking on 23rd of March 2021 at 10:00am UTC. Pool-X is an exchange that provides liquidity for pledged assets. Unlike traditional mining pools, Pool-X does not compete with exchange nodes. Users are able to freely receive the benefits from the staking of the digital asset, plus a certain amount […]

CUDO: Growth & ProgressūüöÄ

March 17, 2021

  We‚Äôve had a stellar 12 months, as our entire project has grown and developed at a rapid pace. Our team has grown, our marketing has expanded its reach and new products have been launched, including our CUDOS token. With so much more on the horizon we thought we‚Äôd take the time to fill you […]

CUDOS Staking ‚ÄĒ Figures & Stats

March 16, 2021

If you‚Äôve been following our project closely over the past few months, you‚Äôre probably aware that staking is a very important area of focus for us. Staking is a mechanism we‚Äôve introduced not only to provide token holders with another avenue towards making the most of their tokens, but also to promote a more stable […]


March 16, 2021

‚ÄúWhat started as a collaboration to fight Covid 19 has become a real partnership. Today, we are happy to announce that we are partnering with Cudo‚Äôs compute platform and we will be launching pro- a professional version of‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ¬†Tobias Adler, CEO and Founder @ From the beginning was just a simple […]

Cudo signs partnership with THG Hosting

March 10, 2021

Cudo signs a partnership with THG Hosting, providing enterprise-grade supply to Cudo‚Äôs distributed cloud network. THG is continuing its growth as a global technology company and recently enjoyed a successful IPO. Its THG Ingenuity division specialises in taking brands direct to consumers, with THG Hosting establishing itself as a leading provider of web hosting and […]

CUDOS Raises £10million in Funding!

February 24, 2021

We are incredibly grateful for the support from our community and our strategic backers for believing in our vision, our team, our technology and our mission to build and power web 3.0. We would like to thanks our specialised strategic backers:¬†Moonrock Capital,¬†GBV,¬†Spincrypto Capital,¬†Coinvision Research,¬†BlackDragon Research,¬†MoonWhale Ventures,¬†OutlierVentures,¬†DoublePeak, Psquare Capital,¬†CSP DAO, Crypto Snack,¬†Exnetwork Capital,¬†DuckDAO,¬†Brilliance Ventures, BMW Capital,¬†Floem […]

CUDOS Token: Circulating Supply & Release Schedule Explained

February 23, 2021

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of questions relating to circulating supply and our token release schedule. As a new pre-testnet project, this is to be expected, where the main activity for the token is currently trading. However, that is only temporary, with the first major launch for the CUDOS network […]

CUDOS Staking Bonuses Explained

February 23, 2021

On January 12th, the launch day for the CUDOS token, we released our first blog to introduce the¬†CUDOS token rewards and bonus scheme¬†for staking your tokens. We have since received a number of questions from our community asking us to provide better examples of earning potential, based on the bonus reward options available: 3 months […]

The 10 Billion CUDOS Question

February 23, 2021

We‚Äôd like to share more of the reasoning behind choosing specifically 10 billion CUDOS as the total token supply for the network and how that compares to other cryptocurrencies. There are a myriad of considerations to make for any project launching their own token including; total supply, release schedules, allocation pots for R&D, marketing and […]