As you can see from our weekly development updates, the Cudos network continues to evolve as we approach the imminent mainnet launch. And while we’re incredibly proud of our progress thus far, there’s much more on the horizon. We are firmly committed to making the Cudos network a vital part of the foundation for Web3. We also want to be as open and transparent as possible about the steps we’ll be taking to bring this about. After all, bold commitments are one thing, but making them a reality is another.

Above all, we know that our project is only as strong as the community surrounding it. So, to ensure that you can follow along, we’ve released our new roadmap for 2022. We’ve included a detailed plan for the rest of the year and a range of exciting features that are in the pipeline for the future.

There are several significant developments that we’ll be integrating into the Cudos network over the next three months, beginning with the much-anticipated launch of the Cudos mainnet.

While we, unfortunately, had to delay our mainnet launch from the initially planned date — a decision we did not take lightly — this has allowed us to ensure the network will be robust and feature-rich when it does launch. The first 30 network validators will also go live before the middle of the year, helping to ensure the network is secure and stable.

We will also be taking various steps to maximise the utility and value of the native CUDOS token. As well as continuing to support ERC-20 token migration, we’ll be announcing new exchange listings for the native CUDOS token, as well as staking and delegation options and a multi-send DApp. Alongside extended functionality for our native token, we’ll be offering native NFT account-based support as we look to establish Cudos as the leading chain for NFTs in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Further, we will be implementing numerous features to help make the Cudos network a flexible and user-friendly platform for developers, including Turing-complete smart contract support and the bespoke Cudos “Blast” developer SDK. We’ll also be launching a grants programme to support further development within the Cudos ecosystem.

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, we’re committed to putting interoperability at the core of our network. That’s why we’ll also be supporting transfers between Ethereum and the Cudos network using Gravity Bridge and integrating the Cosmos IBC bridge to Osmosis DEX, allowing for easy interaction between tokens within the Cosmos ecosystem.

As you can see, our short-term goals for the Cudos roadmap are far-reaching. Nevertheless, the second half of the year will see even more significant developments. Foremost among them will be the beta launch of our distributed compute platform Cudo Compute in Q3. We aim to provide a fully decentralised, scalable, and sustainable source of cloud computing for Web3, and this will be a significant step toward making that a reality.

We’ll also be implementing a range of other feature enhancements to support the broadest possible range of use-cases for the Cudos network. For example, various native CUDOS vesting tools will be offered, alongside a muti-signature wallet that will make it easier to manage your tokens. We’ll also extend and deepen our NFT offerings, with native NFT collections supported from Q3.

Finally, we’ll further our commitment to decentralisation within the crypto space by offering interchain IBC account support and working toward fully decentralising our validator network. The Cudos Launchpad will also go live in Q3, helping developers build the broadest and most profound range of DApps possible on the Cudos blockchain.

While concrete goals and timeframes are essential, so too is a long-term vision. We are dedicated to continually enhancing the Cudos network’s functionality to provide a secure, open and decentralised infrastructure for the future of the web. Beyond the milestones we aim to hit over the remainder of the year, we’ve got several longer-term projects that will soon become a priority.

First and foremost, following the beta launch in Q3 2022, we will be ramping up our efforts to provide a fully decentralised source of cloud computing. We will be offering both on-chain compute and compute oracles to ensure a robust, reliable source of cloud computing that is free from the risks facing centralised providers. As well as extending our validator pool to over 100, we’ll also be offering additional wallet integrations, multichain asset bridging, and hardware encryption support.

We’re also working on a range of unique features that will further enhance the value proposition of the Cudos network. For example, we’ll be building functionality to support play-to-earn games on the network more easily and efficiently, including a secure on-chain random number generator. We’ll also be pioneering tokenised renewable energy mining as part of our commitment to making the crypto space more sustainable.

Of course, we’ve got too much in the works to give you the full rundown here. Head over to our homepage to see our full roadmap for the coming year and beyond.

While looking to the future is important, we should also reflect on our progress. The figures alone show the reach we’ve already achieved for the Cudos network: we can boast 500,000 users across 150+ countries, with 50,000 nodes helping to power the network and 22,000 developers signed up to support us.

Beyond the numbers, we also have an ever-growing list of partnerships with major global providers such as AMD and Tingo and listings on major exchanges such as CoinField and Huobi. And from a product standpoint, we’ve seen significant success with our workload-based monetisation app Cudo Miner, our infrastructure management platform, and the alpha phase of our compute network.

Most significantly, the Cudos network has already moved through three successful phases of its testnet, Project Artemis. The three completed phases have allowed users to open wallets, claim CUDOS tokens, and test out features as they were introduced.

The fourth and final phase of Project Artemis is ongoing — and that means there’s still time for you to get involved.

Our 2022 roadmap is intended to help our vibrant community follow along with our progress and show our intention to be open and transparent as we move forward. We recognise our project cannot succeed without the energy and involvement of everyone sharing our commitment to building an open and sustainable future for the web.

If you are inspired by our vision and would like to help support us, there are many ways you can get involved. The final phase of our testnet is still ongoing, and developers who want to take on some of our outstanding tasks will be rewarded with CUDOS.

You can also:

Cudos is powering the metaverse bringing together DeFi, NFTs, and gaming experiences to realise the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0, enabling all users to benefit from the growth of the network. We’re an interoperable, open platform launchpad that will provide the infrastructure required to meet the 1000x higher computing needs for the creation of fully immersive, gamified digital realities. Cudos is a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed compute network, designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale. Our native utility token CUDOS is the lifeblood of our network and offers an attractive annual yield and liquidity for stakers and holders.

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