EnergyNetiQ envisions water as fuel aiming to scale with Cudos


EnergyNetiQ will work with Cudos’s carbon-neutral blockchain to tokenise the infrastructure for enabling widespread access and adoption of renewable energy.

Why it matters

EnergyNetiQ’s revolutionary technology concept uses water molecule excitation in plasma to generate energy. It can become one of the most significant discoveries of the twenty-first century when realised en-masse with the help of Cudos’ carbon-neutral blockchain and tokenised infrastructure solutions.

EnergyNetiQ at a glance

  • EnergyNetiQ’s zero-carbon Energy Cell uses and produces no carbon.
  • It will aim to generate five times as much heat output as electricity input.
  • The team is experienced in engineering and energy with a strong science background. 
  • EnergyNetiQ could help decarbonise most commercial energy markets.

“Cudos would enable everyone to benefit from this technology, help save the planet, contribute, and ultimately, be carbon-negative themselves. By tokenising this technology, Cudos would provide access to anyone worldwide, accelerating our solution’s development and adoption. This is an essential technology for the planet, and Cudos’ vision is a stepping stone that ties in with our vision of helping us get out of the climate change disaster,” said Chris Key, Director and CEO of EnergyNetiQ. 

Cudos overview

Cudos is a carbon-neutral blockchain, democratising infrastructure to make the world more sustainable and enable everyone to benefit from the growth of the network. It aims to:

A powerful alliance

EnergyNetiQ aims to work with Cudos to bring access to this potentially revolutionising technology to the masses globally. The aim is to tokenise the infrastructure on the Cudos blockchain providing anyone fractional access.

This will enable NFT owners to purchase in advance, benefit and earn from this new form of renewable energy. Together, the companies aim to democratise renewable energy infrastructure.

Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Cudos, explained: “EnergyNetiQ’s aspiration of decarbonising most commercial energy markets aligns with our vision of a decentralised, sustainable, and equitable world. We’d be honoured to leverage our infrastructure platform and extensive ecosystem to help realise this potentially Earth-saving technology.” 

Your role

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Cudos aims to improve blockchain and cloud technology whilst reducing their harmful environmental effects. The network offers a cheaper, more energy-efficient alternative for dApps, asset ownership, and transfer. 


About EnergyNetiQ

EnergyNetiQ is a new technology start-up creating energy through the excitation of water molecules in plasma. We want to help the world progress on the Road to Zero by making clean energy affordable and available.

‍We have made a fundamental discovery that energy can be released from water. This revolutionary process could solve many of the world’s energy problems. It is no exaggeration to say that this process has the potential to be one of the greatest discoveries of the twenty-first century.

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About Cudos

Cudos is a carbon-neutral blockchain and cloud marketplace ecosystem providing permissionless, scalable, high-performance and low-latency edge computing infrastructure for both Web3 and Web2. It addresses many of the needs of the evolving computing market: the decentralisation of infrastructure and data, interoperability of networks, better pricing, availability and access to more locations. 

With 1000x higher computing efficiency required before the decade’s end, Cudos provides the foundation to power metaverses, DeFi, AI and more.

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