The decentralised cloud network Cudos is proud to announce its new partnership with HEALM, a multi-planetary metaverse.

HEALM will soon launch an innovative AR mobile app that will allow players to earn crypto by discovering treasure chests in real-world locations. Players can earn CUDOS simply by exploring their local environment thanks to this exciting new partnership.

By offering users an engaging and enjoyable way to earn crypto while they play, HEALM is helping newcomers find their feet in the crypto space. Players can build up their crypto holdings using their mobile devices and take their first steps into the metaverse.

As Pete Hill, Cudos’ VP of Sales, says, “By partnering with HEALM, Cudos is accelerating our participation in the AR and metaverse space. HEALM’s long-term vision matches Cudos’ own goal of powering a universe of immersive worlds and interactive possibilities.”

The earning opportunities for HEALM’s users extend beyond discovering treasure chests full of tokens. For example, HEALM will offer land ownership opportunities, allowing players to own the digital equivalent of real-world acres anywhere on earth. In addition, landowners will receive a share of all treasure discovered by other players on the acres they own, plus a 70% share of the revenue from immersive ads served to players on their land.

HEALM’s long-term plans are even more ambitious: it is building an entire universe for players to explore. In the future, HEALM will support thousands of unique planets, each of which will offer its own distinctive experience. Players can use a compatible VR headset to truly immerse themselves in endless worlds of possibility and even design their own.

Jesse Walter, CEO and co-founder of HEALM, commented: “HEALM is seeking to build a metaverse on the scale of the universe, but we want to start closer to home—right here on Planet Earth. By helping new and experienced crypto users to earn while they play, we’ll establish a strong foundation for our interplanetary ambitions. And with its goal of powering the metaverse, Cudos is a perfect partner.”

Through this exciting partnership, HEALM will help Cudos widen the ecosystem of our scalable, sustainable blockchain solution, which recently launched its mainnet. The CUDOS token has a range of applications, including e-commerce transactions, staking, and voting on governance proposals.

The CUDOS token will also form the basis for our decentralised cloud computing platform, Cudo Compute. Through Cudo Compute, users will buy and sell computing power in a secure, sustainable and scalable way, helping to ensure that computing-intensive innovations, including the metaverse, will not harm the environment. Register your interest today if you’d like to participate in our pilot phase.

If you’d like to secure virtual real estate in HEALM’s multi-planetary metaverse before launch day, you can join their presale whitelist. Those in the whitelist will get exclusive access to the Land Block Presale Event. And thanks to HEALM’s partnership with Ready Player Me, you can already get started with making your own metaverse avatar ready for the journey to begin.


HEALM is a multi-planetary metaverse, offering players “worlds of possibilities.” The HEALM metaverse will include multiple layers, beginning with an augmented reality mobile application that allows players to use their smartphone to discover Treasure Chests and Crates filled with valuable cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and in-game assets. Land ownership will provide players with additional income/revenue possibilities.

HEALM is also creating VR Planets, accessible on desktop or mobile (2D) as well as in 3D with a compatible virtual reality headset.

As a company that supports decentralization, HEALM will provide players the opportunity to participate in the new metaverse economy through ownership of land, NFTs, and other in-game assets. Players can buy, sell, and rent land and NFTs, and even earn advertising income.

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