CUDOS is bridging the gap between Cloud and Blockchain, by using the world’s available computing to power a more decentralized, sustainable and connected world. By getting computers all around the world to collaborate with each other, CUDOS is making use of the processing power not used at any given time to run some of the most sophisticated decentralized networks possible.

When we have a world packed with laptops, computers, smartphones, game consoles, among many other things that are just used for a fraction of the day — to say the least — we could just use all that capacity for many other things, including things that we at dotmoovs really need: computing power for artificial intelligence, data analysis and video rendering.

We are very happy to be partnering with Cudos. We’re all about challenging others in different sports, giving the possibility to improve performances and allowing our athletes to work on personal development. CUDOS will help us achieve that thanks to their computing potential and methodical employment of resources” — Ricardo Martins Costa, Head of Growth at dotmoovs.

With the vision of enabling a more efficient use of the world’s computing resources, they are deploying scalable smart contracts in Rust or Solidity and enable faster and more efficient DeFi and dApps, provisioning virtually any WASM, container or virtual machine workload to one of the worlds largest distributed networks with over 300,000 users, and much more.

Cudos is over the moon with excitement around this brilliant and accessible platform. It couldn’t be more pleased to be in partnership with Dotmoovs and looks delightedly into what is sure to be a bright, and lucrative partnership for both parties” — Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos.

At dotmoovs we want to try and decentralize our computing as much as possible, and that is why we will be exploring how we can work with CUDOS, in order to achieve more power, capacity and a much more efficient use of resources.

We also want to bring the CUDOS community to dotmoovs, allowing them to experience some fun challenges, working their way up the rank, and improving their performance with every challenge they take part in.

It’s not the first time we mention this, but working and exploring cross-chain functionality and interoperability is something very important to us. CUDOS network displays some truly fascinating possibilities and features for doing this. Transactions are surprisingly fast and costs are kept low, so we will be working closely with them to understand how dotmoovs can better take advantage of these capabilities as well.

About Cudos

The Cudos Network is a layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 computation and oracle network being designed to ensure decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale and enable scaling of computing resources to 100,000’s of nodes. Once bridged onto Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot, and Cosmos, Cudos will enable scalable compute and Layer 2 Oracles on all of the bridged blockchains.

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About dotmoovs

dotmoovs is the first crypto mobile worldwide competitive environment. There, users can compete with others around the world just by bringing their skills, ambition, and smartphone. We will do the rest with our AI-based video referee to assess their performance. We believe that the work people put into their regular sports practice should be rewarded. So, practice, challenge others around the world and get $MOOVs and NFTs when you win!

Anand Sheemar
Marketing Executive at Cudos

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