In today’s CudosCast, we are happy to have our partners Functionland join us for an engaging conversation. 

Functionland has introduced  BAS, peer-2-peer local storage for file/photo safekeeping, challenging the cloud storage and service subscription economy. 

Kate Withers Hess and Ehsan Shariati, co-founders at the Web3 hardware startup, share the motto of Functionland of enabling the general public to take back control of their data and participate in the advancement of technology as we transition from Web2 to Web3. 

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Functionland partnered with Cudos to access the untapped computing power through our Layer 2 compute platform to validate the transactions and keep a copy of the data on the blockchain. 

Both Cudos and Functionland are challenging the monopoly of the centralised cloud computing giants. While Functionland aims to protect the consumers from the rising cloud subscription costs and lack of data privacy with its Blockchain-Attached Storage (BAS), Cudos is building an alternative, sustainable solution to provide near-limitless computational capacity through a distributed network of nodes.  

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