Cudos is thrilled to announce it will participate in UFF Sports’ new global sim racing league, VR-1 Racing. The league will showcase the world’s top crypto projects as part of an elite esports competition featuring the greatest sim racing drivers worldwide, contending for a substantial prize pool.

Cudos will sponsor one of the cars in the VR-1 Racing league, extending its ongoing partnership with UFF Sports. Last month, UFF Sports announced that it will be moving its fast-growing digital sports ecosystem to the Cudos network as part of its ambitious plans to bring the entire sports world into the metaverse.

The launch of the VR-1 Racing league will help to bridge crypto and esports, bringing the benefits of tokenised ownership to the more than 250 million people who regularly watch competitive online gaming and introducing crypto enthusiasts to the exciting world of sim racing. Cudos is proud to be at the forefront of this development, furthering its commitment to bringing gaming and blockchain together.

Visit the VR-1 Racing website for more information!

Crypto projects compete in an elite sim racing league

UFF Sports’ VR-1 Racing league is a bold new development in esports, combining the high-end competition of pro gaming with the community spirit and fan ownership opportunities of the crypto space. The world’s top crypto projects will sponsor cars in the league, providing the perfect opportunity for friendly rivalry and community engagement. Who will end up in pole position?

Concept in-game footage, source: VR1 Preview Show

VR-1 Racing will deliver a simulated version of a season-long racing league, offering all the excitement and competition of the best real-world motorsports competitions. All events across the season will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch and feature professional production and commentators, making for a thrilling spectacle.

Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official GT World Challenge videogame, will provide the underlying tech. Assetto Corsa Competizione offers ultra-realistic gameplay and stunning graphics for a truly immersive sim racing experience – perfect for showcasing Cudos’ very own car on its way to victory!

But what will the Cudos car look like? Well, that’s where the real community-building value of the VR-1 Racing league comes in. As launch approaches, we will be looking to our active and engaged community to take part in designing our world-beating racer before the league gets going. Make sure you keep an eye on our social accounts for forthcoming announcements about how you can take part.

Powering the future of gaming with Cudo Compute

The VR-1 Racing league is just the start of Cudos’ involvement in the esports world. We have not only cultivated an extensive range of partners across the gaming industry, but we’re also building a foundation for the massively open and interactive gaming experiences of the future through our decentralised cloud platform, Cudo Compute.

The metaverse will mark the next evolutionary step for online gaming, including competitive, spectator-driven esports. But to realise this vision, we’ll need a robust, low-latency and sustainable computing infrastructure to power them – and that’s exactly what Cudo Compute will provide.

Support our decentralised network

The Cudos network is going from strength to strength following its recent mainnet launch, including a major new listing for its native CUDOS token on’s globally recognised exchange.

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P.S. Stay tuned for more updates from us, and visit the VR-1 Racing website to learn more!

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