The word often gets overused, but we are sincerely ‘proud’ to announce that Cudos is sponsoring our friend, Ben, on his courageous 500-mile bike run around the north of Scotland. 

Averaging 75-100 miles a day is no small feat. And yet, when the route includes more than 32,000ft of hills to climb, it becomes an even steeper challenge to Ben’s physical fitness and mental fortitude. However, Ben won’t be relying on internal motivation alone. He’s also supporting no less than five charities, chosen by himself and a group of friends. 

Inspired by Ben’s voyage, Cudos has promised to match the donations that Ben raises up to 5,000 US Dollars. Meaning for every pound, dollar, or CUDOS token that donors contribute, the charities will receive two! 


The charities

Charity #1 – British Divers Marine Life Rescue – chosen by Ben himself

Ben has been fascinated with marine life since childhood. As a passionate diver and advocate of marine life conservation, he’s keen to make a difference. Here in the UK, we are blessed with diverse marine life, and the goal of this charity is to protect it. 

Support British Divers Marine Life Rescue now!




Charity #2 – Protect Our Winters (POW) – chosen by Caitlin Brown (USA)

The magnificent Rocky Mountains continue to inspire Caitlin, who lives in Colorado, USA. Unfortunately, it can be heartbreaking to see the devastation that these stunning landscapes endure. Global warming aside, toxic industrial production causes substantial environmental damage, resulting in Ski resorts and national parks shutting down. POW works alongside scientists and athletes to protect nature through environmental advocacy and policy reform. One of the most scenic places in the world is under threat, and POW is fighting to preserve it.

Support POW now!




Charity #3 – The Rosemary Foundation – chosen by Anna James (Australia) – 

Living with a life-threatening condition is challenging as it is. If you are also lonely and unsupported in a small town, life can become extremely challenging. The Rosemary Foundation cared for Anna’s mum in her final stages of cancer. Beyond this, the foundation supported Anna and her two sisters through an incredibly trying period. The Rosemary Foundation supports people in Petersfield & surrounding towns but receives no funding and relies entirely on donations. 

Support The Rosemary Foundation!





Charity #4 – Mental Health UK – chosen by Kim Axford-Hill (UK) 

Kim has had personal experience growing and transforming by taking care of her mental health. She believes that such charities are even more essential now, during the pandemic, due to added stress, uncertainty and risk to life. Mental Health UK funds and supports four charities: Rethink Mental Health (England), Support Mind Scotland, Hafal (means ‘equal’) Wales and Mind Wise (Northern Ireland).

Support Mental Health UK!




Charity #5 – Save the Med – chosen by Andre Foleide (Spain)

As an avid diver and a Mallorcan, Andre is acutely aware of the damage caused to the local marine environment. Save the Med is a local organisation making a difference through campaigns focusing on cleanups, single-use plastics, and sustainability.

Support Save the Med!




Stay tuned for the next piece covering Ben’s story to learn more about his motivation and the challenges he overcame to make this happen.

In the meantime, you can make a real difference right away. Donate today and support Ben now!

If you are a blockchain enthusiast, you can also donate CUDOS tokens to this address, and we’ll split your donation evenly among the five charities. 

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