On January 12th, the launch day for the CUDOS token, we released our first blog to introduce the CUDOS token rewards and bonus scheme for staking your tokens.

We have since received a number of questions from our community asking us to provide better examples of earning potential, based on the bonus reward options available:

  • 3 months lockup: 25% bonus
  • 9 months lockup: 50% bonus
  • 18 months lockup: 100% bonus

Each year, for 10 years, there will be an allocation of CUDOS tokens that comes from the CUDOS Ecosystem and Community Development pot. The allocation is highest in the 1st year at 306,000,000 CUDOS, year 2 will be 272,000,000 and year 3, 238,000,000. The reward numbers decrease until 68,000,000 in year 5, and will stay at that level for the remainder of the ten years.

The staking bonus, based on the staking contract term you choose, is based on the staking reward you have earned over the contract period — Not the initial stake that you committed.

The numbers below are only an example in order to illustrate the reward and bonus earnings for each of the available staking contract options.

Tokens staked on the network: 750,000,000 CUDOS

Token holder stakes: 100,000 CUDOS

Token holders stake as a percentage of the total network: 0.0133%

For more information regarding staking, and how you can let your CUDOS tokens work and earn for you, please join our community via the links below!

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