Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Current sprint:

Cudos Dashboard:

  • We implemented a search bar on the Staking page of the Dashboard.
  • We worked on minor issues around language and terminology improvements.
  • We updated the Keplr configuration to allow for the “Stake”, “Claim Rewards” and “IBC Transfer” within the wallet application.
  • We resolved a bug where a blank page appeared if the user did not have Keplr installed.
  • We removed the Recoil library.
  • We implemented a straightforward way for Validators to use the Dashboard to claim their commission rewards.
  • We included the APY of the Cudos Network in the Dashboard.
  • We fixed an issue where infinite loading occurred when there were no proposals.
  • We refactored and improved the code base for various modals in the Dashboard.
  • We implemented an improvement related to closing all modals on a backdrop click.

MultiSig Wallet  

  • We implemented a fix for the MultiSend transaction, where an error is thrown if using multiple denoms when creating the transaction.
  • We fixed the navigation routing paths, which were causing problems.
  • We updated the MultiSig Keplr configuration to use the unified across projects settings of CudosJS.
  • We implemented a fix for an address book issue, where an error occurred if there was more than one address in the address book.
  • We improved how the wallet members count is handled in the historical plan. 
  • We implemented a MsgSend transaction as a group proposal in CudosJS.
  • We implemented a fix for automatically displaying the transaction History tab rather than the Queue tab if there are no pending transactions in the Queue.
  • We fixed an issue with “View All” transactions user flow on the Dashboard page.
  • We completed the development for saving all data in the address book to Firebase.

NFT Minting Portal  

  • We replaced the Infura integration with one. 


  • We implemented an API endpoint on the Explorer V2 that returns the total supply of the Network as a single number.
  • We fixed an issue identified on the Public Testnet, where Active proposals are shown as removed/invalid on the Dashboard and Explorer V2.
  • We updated the Explorer to show reward withdrawers when delegation happens. 
  • We extended the visualisation of the transactions to show the rewards withdrawals. 


  • We implemented In-Store upgrades for upgrading private testnet to version 1.1.0.
  • We implemented a cosmos-sdk fix to validator edit bug. 
  • We completed a research around a possible integration of Ethermint.
  • We extended the CudosJS readme with example usages for the main functions of the package.

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Next sprint:

  • We will aim to accommodate the upgrade of the Private Testnet to v1.1.0 and the potential deployment of the MultiSig v1.0.0 there.
  • We will continue with our efforts to accommodate all changes required to move from Docker to a standalone binary.
  • We will aim to allow developers to verify smart contracts through the Cudos Blast.

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