This week team members from Cudos are attending the prestigious DCentral Miami, a unique event in the heart of Miami dedicated to showcasing the best DeFi has to offer. 

The event is hosted at the Miami Airport Conference Centre, encompasses two floors, and three stages over 145,000 square feet, taking place on the 30th of November and the 1st of December. 

The event has one aim in mind, to merge the NFT community with the ecosystem of decentralised finance, with a plethora of experiences throughout the two-day event. 

As partner and sponsor to the event, CEO of Cudos Matt Hawkins is delivering a keynote speech on ‘Powering Web 3.0 and the Metaverse’ at 2:25 PM on the 1st of December. Alongside this, Cudos is sponsoring the Network area, dedicated to the convergence of like-minds in the NFT space and the media room, whilst also giving away Cudos T-shirts to all 5000 of those in attendance in Miami. 

David Pugh-Jones, CMO at Cudos, revealed his excitement by saying: “We’re honoured to support DCentral Miami this year. We naturally play a significant part in driving the convergence of technologies and innovation. Therefore, being able to showcase our unique capabilities to power the future of blockchain technologies, NFTs, the Metaverse, and the gaming world, was something we couldn’t miss. We’re delighted to celebrate and empower the event’s creativity and further enhance the growth of this pioneering ecosystem.”

Four separate NFT galleries will feature over 40 artists, including Rarible, The Graph, Devco and more. The digital fashion universe will encompass all digital fashion offers, including artists such as Lukso and Digitalax. And finally, those intrigued by Game-Fi can enjoy the latest in blockchain gaming, Metaverse, and Play-2-Earn ventures, as it begins to creep into the realm of mass adoption. 

DCentral at the Miami Airport Conference Centre is unquestionably the biggest conference dedicated to NFT and DeFi, with some of the most well-respected in the space giving keynote speeches throughout the event. 

More notably, special guests such as Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist “Fastest Woman Alive” Elaine Thompson-Herah, Facebook Whistleblower Brittany Kaiser, and YouTuber BitBoy will also be joining the conference.

Attendees will also hear from PolkaCity, UNOPND, Bancor, Kadena, Secret Network, BITMART, CUDOS, OKEX, DatChat, Cyberkongz, ChainGuardians, Comdex, How to Manage Enterprises and many more projects across the Polygon, Cosmos, Solana, Polkadot communities.

“For the next few days, DCentral and Miami is the centre of the Metaverse. There’s so much innovation happening in this space right now. We can’t wait to meet like-minded movers and shakers, to witness the progression of this space first hand, and ultimately, discover how Cudos can power these projects in the future,” commented Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos. 

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