Cudos unites cloud and blockchain to create a decentralised, sustainable, and equitable world aligning its values and activities with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why it matters

The SDGs build on decades of work by the UN and other countries worldwide, acting as a blueprint for global prosperity and peace. As a tech leader in ethical, visionary innovation, Cudos aims to contribute to the UN’s vision through its sustainability, diversity, and inclusion efforts. 

The specifics

Long-term, Cudos aims to align its work with all 17, but at present, it has made concrete contributions across a robust selection of goals. 

Goal 1 – No Poverty 

Cudos partners with Tingo to tackle the poverty premium through mobile monetisation applications. The impact of the collaboration will initially extend to over 10 million mobile devices across the Tingo network. This would create a fully inclusive digital ecosystem, distributing the Cudos technology to millions of smartphones.

Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Indirectly, Cudos’ collaboration with Tingo aims to enable better access to finance and create technologies and business models for the betterment of communities. By enabling over 10 million users to earn and spend CUDOS, the partnership aims to reduce hunger across Africa and beyond, enabling the unbanked to transition to a world of safe and secure payment scenarios. 

Goal 4 – Quality Education

Cudos is committed to equality and empowerment through blockchain apprenticeships, supporting quality education in an emerging technology field and promoting better access and gender diversity through its initiative. 

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Cudos promotes gender equality by tackling the Crypto gender gap. With a deep commitment to empowering more women in the field, Cudos works with female leaders as employees, advisors, and apprentices

Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation 

Indirectly, Cudos’ commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality supports better water quality and sanitation. Additionally, the decentralised network announced a partnership with EnergyNetiQ, which aims to accelerate the development of innovative technology to extract energy, converting water into fuel. 

Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Hardware capacity recycling is a core tenet of Cudos, which indirectly leads to a more affordable and cleaner energy mix globally. Additionally, the collaboration with EnergyNetiQ aims to transform water into fuel and radically democratise and decarbonise the energy market. 

Goal 9 – Industry innovation and infrastructure

Visionary innovation delivered ethically is at the heart of Cudos and its parent company Cudo Ventures. Specifically, Cudos and its sister cloud company Cudo Compute are building the infrastructure for innovative fields such as gaming, ground-based space technologies, Web3, and the Metaverse

Goal 10 – Reduce inequalities

Cudos demonstrates its commitment to this goal across several aspects. On an international level, it aims to reduce inequality by empowering people in rural Africa to monetise their mobile devices and earn CUDOS. The decentralised cloud computing network also promotes gender equality within the company and the wider industry and promotes better access to education through apprenticeships

Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

Fundamentally, Cudos addresses this goal by helping the world reduce wasted computing energy. As a Proof of Stake (PoS) network, it indirectly reduces the need to complete energy-demanding computational tasks endemic to Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. Moreover, through its partnerships, Cudos is committed to carbon neutrality

Goal 13 – Climate Action

Cudos takes an active stance on tackling climate change. Specifically, its hardware capacity recycling model and commitment to carbon neutrality jointly work toward making computing more efficient and sustainable globally. 

Your role

Cudos aims to improve blockchain and cloud technology whilst reducing their harmful environmental effects and making a positive difference in the world. The network offers a cheaper, more energy-efficient alternative for dApps, asset ownership, and transfer. 

About Cudos

Cudos is a carbon-neutral blockchain and cloud marketplace ecosystem providing permissionless, scalable, high-performance and low-latency edge computing infrastructure for both Web3 and Web2. It addresses many of the needs of the evolving computing market: the decentralisation of infrastructure and data, interoperability of networks, better pricing, availability and access to more locations. 

With 1000x higher computing efficiency required before the decade’s end, Cudos provides the foundation to power metaverses, DeFi, AI and more.

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