November 13th saw the successful launch of ‘All Access Gaming’ by LDN UTD in collaboration with Cudos and Major of London, Sadiq Khan.

The event focused on health and wellbeing through the use of grassroots gaming. LDN UTD hosted a FIFA 22 and F1 community stream on Twitch at Samsung KX in King’s Cross, London.

The event was a resounding success with influencers such as Chelcee Grimes (@chelceegrimes 72,000 followers), and joined by creators including ItsHaber (@itshaber 409,600 followers), Itani (@itani 960,000 followers), and pop star Connor Ball (@thevampscon 2,658,300 followers), hosting the event.

Top talent went head to head in a Fifa22 challenge and competed to showcase who is the best. Interviews also occurred throughout the event with the talent on the subject of their health and wellbeing journeys.

Cudos collaborated with LDN UTD to conduct an exciting bundle giveaway for the Twitch viewers watching the event on the 13th of November as part of the partnership. This Cudo Bundle consisted of £100 in gaming vouchers, a controller signed by pop star Connor Ball himself, and an Xbox gaming console!

After an interesting panel discussion, the event came to a close with LDN UTD addressing the audience at the Samsung KX, and on-stream via Twitch, thanking them for a successful event!

Cudos was proud to be a part of what was clearly the beginning of an interesting movement to merge gaming and health and wellbeing cultures!
A truly worthy movement! Promoting self-improvement through the Cudos monetisation application, coming to consoles soon!

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