On Earth Day, we are delighted to join hands with the world’s first fully optimised carbon credit protocol, KyotoProtocol.io, to offset our carbon footprint.  

Cudos is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network, and we are committed to 100% carbon neutrality. With Cudo Compute, we use technology to offer sustainable cloud computing solutions. Partnering with KyotoProtocol.io underlines our dedication to carbon offsetting with measurable results for both our technology stack and those utilising our stack for running their DApps and services.

KyotoProtocol.io is the world’s first full-stack, cross-chain carbon credit DeFi protocol, generating carbon offset through staking liquidity. Its mission is to bring a full suite of DeFi services to the carbon credit market through rewards and gamification.

Powered through smart contracts and running on an open, secure blockchain ledger, its technology removes costly intermediaries. Additionally, blockchain technology ensures complete transparency and accountability.

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With sustainability as our fundamental ethos, this partnership helps us stay on track as we continue to offset our network’s carbon emissions. The association isn’t limited to the Cudos network but will empower projects developing on our network to be carbon neutral and showcase to their customers the commitment to protect the environment.

Apart from being environmentally conscious, KyotoProtocol.io enables users to earn yield and make carbon offset a lucrative business by unlocking a plethora of capabilities with DeFi. KyotoProtocol.io is launching its highly lucrative genesis pool, with a fixed APY of 916,474%. 

KyotoProtocol.io offset earning protocol lets users earn carbon offset credits through staking, loaning and future trading or selling the carbon credits to companies on Kyoto’s marketplace.

The global carbon credit market was valued at US$ 211.5 billion in 2019, according to an analysis by Global Voluntary Carbon Offsets Market. It is expected to reach US$ 2.4 trillion by 2027 at a CAGR of 30.7% between 2020 and 2027. But despite the expected market growth, the industry lacks transparency and is not accessible to all types of businesses. KyotoProtocol.io removes these restrictions with its Web3 smart contract blockchain-driven carbon credit platform. 

“The use of smart contracts has massive potential in the fight against climate change. KyotoProtocol.io allows us to offset our carbon footprint and incentivise it through their DeFi offerings. As building a sustainable computing model is at the core of our company’s values, it is encouraging to know that with KyotoProtocol.io, we can track our carbon credits transparently and reliably. We are happy to partner with KyotoProtocol.io to ascertain that we are meeting our target to stay carbon neutral,” commented Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder, Cudos.

The current carbon credit offset market needs reforms as they are costly, restrictive and lagging as the damage caused exceeds the current offset pledges. 

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“With KyotoProtocol.io, we create an open platform by giving Web3 access and unique DeFi offerings to everyone. Our goal is not just to settle with carbon neutrality but become carbon negative and we are pleased to be the carbon-offsetting partner of Cudos. We want to empower decentralisation by providing companies like Cudos an alternative way to earn CO2 offsets, sometimes at a zero cost through our offset earning protocol,” said Ashton Hunt, CEO of KyotoProtocol.io. 

KyotoProtocol.io’s fair launch will take place in June. Join them on Telegram and Twitter

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About Kyoto Protocol

Kyotoprotocol.io is the world’s first decentralised multilayer carbon credit finance protocol. Our technology improves the dated and lagging carbon credit industry by implementing trustless smart contracts, on a secure and transparent blockchain ledger. KyotoProtocol.io offers the solution needed to boost the growth and accessibility of the current carbon credit offset industry.

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