Cudo Compute - sneak peek

We’re very close to opening the new version of Cudo Compute to early access testers. Our team has been working on this for many months. Following our Alpha testing period earlier this year, we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up to provide an intuitive interface to manage your compute workloads.


Cudo Compute - overview screen

Cudo Compute – overview screen


Anyone following the Cudo Compute journey for a while will know that we are creating a new type of marketplace. We aim to allow users to consume computing and enable those with spare capacity to offer it as a revenue-generating stream. 

Our first iteration of the platform primarily focuses on the demand side experience. A modern, responsive interface allows users to browse a distributed marketplace, build virtual machines in select locations, view performance metrics, and effectively manage workloads.


Cudo Compute - VM details

Cudo Compute – VM details


You can drill down into virtual machine metrics for CPU, RAM, Storage and Network, as well as see all of the information about your VM. You can also complete regular maintenance tasks such as starting, stopping, rebooting and opening your VM in a responsive web console.

We also got you covered when you want to deploy new VMs. Our intuitive marketplace allows filtering of options such as location, hardware specification and pricing to find exactly the right workload that suits your use case. Once you have selected the vendor of choice, you are presented with a straightforward deployment wizard to quickly deploy the number of VMs you want, with a selection of operating system images.

Cudo Compute - Marketplace

Cudo Compute – Marketplace


While we’ll launch with a selection of our existing partner suppliers, we’re always looking for more. We’re focusing on data centres and/or service providers with spare compute capacity and who are interested in monetising when it is otherwise not in use. If this sounds like you, please reach out: ​​

Otherwise, if you want to use Cudo Compute for your virtual machine workloads and are interested in becoming an early adopter, our team would also love to hear from you and set up a demonstration and discuss further.

About Cudo Compute

Cudo Compute is an ecosystem providing access to decentralised and sustainable cloud computing resources by leveraging underutilised computing power on idle hardware globally. 

We are the Airbnb for sustainable computing. Like Airbnb’s marketplace, which allows owners to rent out their unused homes, we facilitate businesses and individuals to lend their hardware’s unused compute to users/organisations that might need it. Our platform allows organisations and developers to deploy, run and scale based on their cloud demands.

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