Have you been following our countdown to our mainnet launch? After wrapping up phase 3 of our incentivised testnet, Project Artemis, we are ready to enter phase 4, Collins, next week, which will prepare us for our mainnet launch in February.

If you are a developer, this is your final chance to join the testnet and earn rewards as we will stop accepting new prospective mainnet validators on the testnet from January 28th. So support our decentralised vision by joining as a validator today! 

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The mainnet launch will be a game-changer, and you can read our earlier blog to understand its significance for our blockchain network. We also listed the utility of the CUDOS token in part 2 of our Road to mainnet series. In today’s blog, we will touch upon the benefits of the Cudos native blockchain for developers and validators.

Let’s begin with the developers:

  • The transition to mainnet means developers can freely build, operate and maintain their products and services on the Cudos network. The developer community will be incentivised to build smart contracts and dApps on our blockchain.
  • A major concern among developers is the exorbitant gas fee involved in building smart contracts on Ethereum. However, as we migrate from the Ethereum blockchain to Cosmos, it will be economical for developers to build smart contracts on the Cudos blockchain. 
  • The Cudos blockchain is designed with dApp developers in mind. As Cudos is built in the Cosmos ecosystem using the Tendermint protocol, developers can benefit from its interoperability and create their dApps.
  • The functionality is built using the Cosmos SDK, which integrates and interacts with other blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem via IBC. The Cudos network has a two-way bridge with Ethereum allowing the easy migration of tokens between both ecosystems. The blockchain will be bridged to other major blockchains like Algorand and Polkadot soon. In addition, developers can gain access to powerful plugins/tools to improve the efficiency and utility of blockchains.
  • This year, part of our plans for the Cudos network is to bring a pool of resources on-chain, allowing developers to leverage cloud computing directly from their smart contracts.
  • As our native CUDOS token will become the lifeblood of the Cudos blockchain, developers could use CUDOS in their smart contracts and earn a share of community rewards based on their dApp’s popularity.

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What are the benefits for validators?

The Cudos blockchain network is based on the Tendermint protocol, and validators will play a crucial role in securing the network. 

  • Cudos Validators run node software to operate the Cudos network blockchain by checking incoming transactions and forming new blocks in a decentralised manner. 
  • Post the mainnet launch, Validators will help secure and operate this system in return for CUDOS in the form of block rewards and transaction processing fees.
  • Validators play a unique role in the governance system of the Cudos blockchain. CUDOS tokens allow a level of ownership over the core protocol and can be used for governance voting on decisions to shape the future of the network. 

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Post the mainnet launch, the blockchain pillar of Cudos will converge with Cudo Compute to provide decentralised, sustainable, high-performance cloud computing at scale. 

As we’re accelerating in 2022, we’d like you to join our free testing period. Being an early adopter of our platform, you’ll give us feedback to improve before we launch, and 

in return, we’ll give you exclusive bonuses. Register your interest today!

About Cudos

Cudos is powering the metaverse bringing together DeFi, NFTs, and gaming experiences to realise the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0, enabling all users to benefit from the growth of the network. We’re an interoperable, open platform launchpad that will provide the infrastructure required to meet the 1000x higher computing needs to create fully immersive, gamified digital realities. Cudos is a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed compute network designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale. Our native utility token CUDOS is the lifeblood of our network and offers an attractive annual yield and liquidity for stakers and holders.

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