Key takeaways

  • We have reconfigured the Address Mapping UI to use the correct network ID (using coinType 118 consistently) and redeployed the underlying mapping smart contract.
  • All funds are safe. No CUDOS token is vulnerable to a security exploit. 
  • We will cover the cost of re-mapping (gas fees) for users who previously utilised the tool.
  • The new deadline for using the Address Mapping tool is February 7th.
  • As a result of the delay caused by the issue, we are moving our mainnet launch to later in February.
  • The Mapping tool is exclusively for CUDOS token stakers. Non-staked tokens will be migrated via the Gravity Bridge manually.

The Address Mapping functionality has been reconfigured to prevent issues with users accessing their funds on the Mainnet in accordance with our token migration plan. Swiftly addressing problems we announced to the community on Monday, the reconfiguration means that CUDOS stakeholders who previously utilised the tool will need to do so again. We would like to express our heartfelt apologies for any inconveniences this may cause. For users who have previously mapped their ERC-20 wallets, we will cover the entire gas cost of re-mapping. You may find detailed instructions on how to re-map your ERC-20 wallets here.

The Address Mapping Tool enables a cost-effective and streamlined auto-migration of staked tokens on our network. Our investigations into the issue revealed two unique problems. First, the deployed Address Mapping UI config pointed to the wrong test network ID, which uses a different “coinType” configuration to our Mainnet. Second, a bug in Keplr caches the coinType of any old network IDs, causing inconsistent behaviours. 

Following the reconfiguration, the deadline for utilising the tool has been extended to February 7th, after which stakers who missed the deadline will have to use the Reclaiming smart contract functionality and the Gravity Bridge for the migration of CUDOS ERC20 tokens to our native chain.

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Token migration FAQ

Are the tokens on the Metamask wallet also reflected (mapped) on the Keplr wallet and then automatically converted to native tokens when the mainnet goes live?

No, because if you can see tokens inside your Metamask wallet, it means that they are not staked in our staking platform. Auto-migration functionality will only work on those ETH addresses connected to our staking platform that are actually staking.

Is there any danger of losing my tokens if I mess up the process? Do my CUDOS tokens remain in my Metamask wallet no matter what happens?

Our team will make sure no tokens are lost! The only way to potentially lose the tokens is to map to a Cudos address for which you don’t have the private key.

Concerning the process, there seem to be two stages. Connect the Ethereum address to the new CUDOS account address and then map the two wallets? Is this correct?

Yes, this is accurate. You’ll be asked to submit a transaction on Ethereum to transparently and securely save your address details in the smart contract

I have several accounts holding various CUDOS tokens in two different Metamask wallets. Do I have to map each account separately?

Yes, but you can map as many of those ETH addresses to only one CUDOS native address if you want and they will all get auto-migrated there. Just make sure you are using the address mapping tool only with those ETH addresses connected to our staking platform (with which you’re actually staking)!

If the mapping process is successful, will I see my tokens in both the Metamask wallet and the Keplr wallet or just the Keplr wallet? What is shown before the mainnet launches in February?

You are not supposed to see your tokens on either side in the respective wallets yet, because the Address Mapping tool will only work with tokens staked in our staking platform, which when staked, don’t appear within the Metamask wallet for the time being. As for the other part of the question, one Cudos will only be active on one side of the Gravity Bridge, because the one from the other side will be locked within. In other words, you will be able to have a Cudos token in either ERC20 or Cudos native side, not both.

In terms of the Keplr wallet. Is there a difference between a Keplr wallet and a Keplr chrome browser extension?

There is no difference. The browser extension provides quicker and more convenient use of the wallet.

If a Validator has not mapped yet, will tokens currently staked with them continue to earn a return?

No. The staking smart contract will stop after the deadline, which is February 7th. That means it will stop earning rewards at that time and it will only reactivate on the Cudos native side after the Mainnet release, planned for mid-February. We are still finalising this process. To further answer this question, the tokens from delegators who mapped their addresses, with their respective validators failing to do so, will probably be unstaked after migration, and you will have to select another validator who did go through the procedure.

Two of my six Metamask accounts that have been mapped to Keplr wallet have no staked tokens in them presently. The reason is that I intend to stake tokens in these accounts before the Feb 7th deadline. Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct, as we will get the staking data after the deadline.

Do I need to reinstall a new Keplr wallet on my iPad, or can I keep the original one? I have assumed that reinstalling the Keplr Chrome extension was sufficient and that the app would simply reflect the updated information in the new Keplr extension. Can someone clarify this point for me?

There is no need to reinstall Keplr wallet on the user’s iPad in this context.

I assume the team will also let us all know later this week how we are to be reimbursed for the additional ETH gas fees incurred by mapping for a second time. I would be happy to receive any compensation in native tokens if that makes life easier for you. Still, I appreciate that you will be setting a standard policy for everyone.

The reimbursements will be announced soon. It will be in ETH, and everyone that previously mapped will receive the exact amount they spent on gas fees. Please stay tuned for more.

How are the following shown moving forward if the mapping is successful?

(A) staked tokens – After Mainnet release, it will be visible in the Keplr wallet and the Explorer.

(B) tokens exported to the Metamask wallet but unstaked Unstaked tokens are not supported by auto-migration, only staked ones. Unstaked ones will need to go through the reclaiming process and Gravity Bridge.

(C) tokens allocated but yet to be vested and transferred to the Metamask wallet – Tokens that are yet to be transferred to the Metamask can be moved at a later stage and reclaimed from the (post-migration). These will be visible in the Metamask wallet. We will keep support for ERC20 tokens for the time being, but after Mainnet release, staking will only be possible on the Cudos native side.

(D) Unclaimed available staking rewards –  You’ll be able to reclaim them from the, and they will appear in the Metamask wallet. Then you will need to use Gravity Bridge if you want to transfer them to the Cudos native side. Once again, only the staked Cudos tokens are eligible for auto-migration, unclaimed rewards and non-staked Cudos tokens are not.

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