CUDO: Growth & Progress🚀


We’ve had a stellar 12 months, as our entire project has grown and developed at a rapid pace. Our team has grown, our marketing has expanded its reach and new products have been launched, including our CUDOS token. With so much more on the horizon we thought we’d take the time to fill you in on some of the milestones we’ve hit on our journey so far:

  • We are live in over 145 countries 🌍
  • We currently have over 250,000 sign ups🚀
  • Our users have seen a 34% increase in Bitcoin revenue💰
  • We’ve seen a meteoric rise in user growth — 528% in just 1 year!☄️
  • Our software is active on over 35,000 devices 🖥
  • Our software has been used to mine on over 4000 different types of hardware!🤯

All of this growth would not have been possible without you, our community. As a community-driven project, we always take steps forward with your guidance and the steps we’ve taken so far are leading us towards new heights, and for that, we’d like to say a big thank you!

For more information regarding staking, CUDOS tokens or other areas of our project, please join our community via the links below and get in touch!

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