CUDOS Staking — Figures & Stats

If you’ve been following our project closely over the past few months, you’re probably aware that staking is a very important area of focus for us. Staking is a mechanism we’ve introduced not only to provide token holders with another avenue towards making the most of their tokens, but also to promote a more stable network when we launch it.

Our aim is to have 75% of the total supply of CUDOS tokens staked, and so far we have made great strides towards this goal, and all of this before the launch of our own staking platform!

Let’s take a look at the figures regarding staking so far.

  • +-20.67% of the current circulating supply is staked between Bitmax and Kucoin🚀
  • Bitmax is just over 70 million tokens staked, with 1,367 users (11/03/2021*)📈
  • Kucoin is just over 6 million (as of 12/03/2021*) 📈
  • Amount staked has doubled in the last 4 weeks🔥

Considering our token has only been live for less than 3 months, and the fact our staking platform has not been deployed yet, we are very impressed with the figures so far. These figures make us extremely confident that we will be able to hit our target of having 75% of all our tokens in circulation staked in the future.

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