CUDOS Staking is now live on Bitmax!

Dear CUDOS Community

We’re excited to announce that you can now stake your CUDOS tokens on and earn a whopping 30% APR!

In preparation for the CUDOS validator network deployment later this year, we have teamed up with our primary exchange partner to bring you all of the staking benefits in advance of our Proof-of-Stake network going live. From today you will be able to place your available CUDOS balance into their pre-staking service and earn 30% APR. has made the process super easy with the following options:

  1. Move your available CUDOS onto the platform. Then head to the staking ‘Deposit & Earn’ feature on their homepage, choose CUDOS and click ‘Delegate Now.’
  2. If your CUDOS tokens are already on, you can delegate them directly to the pre-staking service from your exchange wallet.
  3. If you would like to buy more CUDOS, head to the staking ‘Deposit & Earn’ feature on the BitMax homepage, choose CUDOS, and click ‘Buy CUDOS.’ Your purchase will automatically be assigned to the pre-staking service.

Pre-staking Terms:

  1. APR: 30%
  2. Unbonding Period: 14 days
  3. Reward Distribution: Daily
  4. Instant Unbonding Penalty: 3%
  5. Initial Duration: 3 months

Remember: Staking is live now!

Thank you for your continued support.

The CUDOS Team

US Citizens are unable to purchase tokens from the exchange due to US law.