Cudo Partners with Blendergrid to Offer Lower Cost Infrastructure for the Blender Render Community

Efficiency, Affordability and Availability. How can we save time, save costs, and serve a global audience? 

These questions are asked by many SaaS businesses looking to carve out a consumer market share in their specialist field. 3D animation is no different and Blendergrid, a Dutch company offering 3D studios and animators around the World, are delivering exactly that: a ‘grid’ based rendering service based on the widely-used Blender open source rendering software.

But what is a grid? Put simply, it is a network of potentially thousands of computers providing the computing power required for any given use case – which in this scenario is rendering.  Pooled together, this grid can execute potentially enormous rendering workloads in the lowest amount of time possible, increasing the productivity and project delivery for the studio or animator. 

There are numerous public and private cloud platforms available that can readily provide the grid of devices these businesses need – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud to name a few. These platforms absolutely deliver on efficiency and availability, enabling businesses like Blendergrid to launch their customers’ rendering jobs onto, knowing there is scale available for almost any size job. But they can be very costly to non-enterprise customers. 

This is where Cudo and the partnership with Blendergrid comes in. Cudo is a new computing platform that specializes in providing infrastructure services over a distributed network of devices. Think of it as an Uber of cloud computing, connecting buyers of compute to sellers of compute. The distributed model provides SaaS businesses like Blendergrid with the ability to spin up multiple Blender render farms in locations across the globe in a simple way.  Furthermore, anyone with an underutilised device or server environment can contribute to the Cudo supply network to monetize their idle power, resulting in lowering the cost of computing power, as well as removing the barrier of entry for many 3D studios and independent animators.  

‘We’re really excited to have Blendergrid onboard as a partner for our computing POC in Q1 2021. After 2 years of successfully building a supply base of over 30,000 active devices, we are ready to start supporting SaaS businesses with their computing infrastructure requirements.’ commented Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudo.

Blendgrid’s Founder Richard van der Oost stated ‘At Blendergrid we have a very volatile demand for compute power. We need to be able to scale very quickly and aggressively. So it’s great to be able to tap into Cudo’s compute infrastructure to increase our rendering potential when our users need to meet tight deadlines. This will also make our platform attractive to larger 3D studios with more extreme demands, which is great.’

About Cudo

Cudo’s Compute platform is a collaborative consumption network platform which allows users to monetise their underutilised computing power. You can save up to 10x the cost of traditional cloud computing, achieve lower latency and easier scale. Cudo has a trusted layer 2 oracle network for blockchains and scalable cloud resources, called CUDOS.

About Blendergrid

Blendergrid is an online blender render farm specifically designed for rendering content made with Blender 3D. They help 3D studios all over the world increase productivity by rendering their 3D animations and graphics very quickly on a distributed cloud computing infrastructure.