The 2020 US Elections and The Crypto Market

All eyes are currently on the 2020 US election, and at the time of writing (4th November 2020) , both candidates are quite evenly matched.

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are currently holding steady, but many believe that the crypto market is consolidating in preparation for a potential increase in market volatility.

Data presented by’s “Bitcoin ATM Implied Volatility” chart seems to indicate that the crypto asset’s options market is geared for significant fluctuations in price following the U.S. election.

Crypto-twitter is currently flooded with opinions from pundits, influencers and digital currency market researchers. After sharing its insights report, Arcane Research tweeted out a chart that shows a chart with bitcoin and the S&P 500 during the election week. “Some interesting movements from both bitcoin and S&P 500 during election day in 2016. What will happen this time?” Arcane tweeted.

What does this mean for projects like ours?

The crypto markets have always been known for being much more volatile than the traditional markets, the crypto community is no stranger to extreme price fluctuations. These fluctuations in price, however, have no effect on the underlying technology attached to most cryptocurrencies. Here at Cudo we believe that the true value in our CUDOS token lies in the utility it provides within the network and what our network has to offer to the world. So regardless of the results of this election, our technology and vision will remain on track to develop the global compute network powering smart contracts, DeFi and the internet.

Right now at Cudo, we are currently engaged in the private sale of our CUDOS token if you want to find out more about how to get involved check out the links below and get in touch with us.